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State Of The Art Manufacturing

metal rack manufaturing

Our 2 manufacturing units based in Barhi Industrial Area, Sonipat are capable of handling the sheet metal work, cutting, welding and independent powder coatings plants. 

We have the latest equipment like automatic conveyor powder coating & Pre Treatment to meet all requirements of our clients for best in class production. 

Latest Equipment

The power to convert design ideas into products comes from our tech driven manufacturing capabilities. Our facilities are constantly updated and upgraded with latest equipment. 

  • Fiber Laser Cutting 

  • Servo CNC Bending 

  • Conveyor Powder Coating & Pre Treatment 

  • Shearing 

  • Power Press 

  • Spot Welding 

  • Drilling, Grinder, Pipe Cutter etc 

Counter Manufacturing

Process Overview


Metal structures are made by cutting, bending, Welding & assembling. The processes involved in fabrication are:

Cutting: All raw materials are bought in bulk directly from manufacturing units and are then cut to desired size. We have three Automatic wire straightening and cutting machines and an Automatic Fiber Laser sheet and pipe cutting machines.

Bending : The Cut Metal pieces are then bent in dies with the help of power press and dies to the desired shape. We have 5 Axis Servo Bending 100 Tons for this process.

Welding :

  • Arc Welding

  • Spot welding

  • Gas welding

  • Mig Welding

All types of welding machines are available with us which help in speedy construction of the racks as per the requirements of the design

 Part Preparation (Pre Treatment)

In this process Removal of oil, soil, lubrication, greases oxides is done from the metal piece.

It consists of following steps:

  • Degreasing

  • Removal of rusting

  • Activation

  • Phosphating

  • Pasification

Rack Manufacturing

Powder Coating

The pre treated piece is applied with powder paint and cured with heat in digitally controlled backing oven.

Powder Application:

Electrically charged powder is spray over metal piece with the help of electrostatic gun. The gun imparts a positive charge on the powder, which is then sprayed towards the object by mechanical or compressed air spraying & then accelerated towards the metal piece by the powerful electrostatic charge which then sticks to the metal piece.


In this thermoset powder is exposed to elevated temperature; it begins to melt, flows out & then chemically reacts to form a higher molecular weight polymer in a network like structure. Normally the powder cures at 200°C for 10 minutes & which varies according to piece of metal which is to be cured.


In this we test the durability of coating which we applied on the metal piece.

 Imapct Test: In this process where a metal weight is dropped on the powder coated object from height of 1 mtr.If the coating is removed on impact from the metal piece, it means the metal piece is not properly powder coated.

 Cross Hatch Test: In this process we scratch the metal piece with the blade horizontally and vertically. After that we cover that scratch area with cello tape and after that we remove that cello tape. If the powder coating is removed with the cello tape, it means the powder coating is not done properly.

 DFT Test:This test digitally measures the thickness of powder coating on an object with a hand held pen.

 METHYLE ETHYLE Test: This test is done to by ruling solution of Methyle and Ethyle ON THE COATED SURFACE, if the Powder is not removed in 25 TO 30 rubs the coating is approved.


We use Digital 6 picoleter eco friendly printing machine which can print on vinyl as well as directly on any plain surface like sunboard, sunpack or MDF, The inks used have an outdoor life of 2 years and cannot be scratched from the surface even with a sharp object. This is the latest in Digital printing has very fine dots which ensure zero pixels even from a close distance and gives better results than Eco solvents, solvents or even screen printing.

Signboard Printer
Quality Control
Quality Control


We use good quality packing material as per the requirement of the products. The packing is done in such a way so that no breakage should take place while transportation. We use thermacoal, corrugated box & bubble wrap for packing of final products

Metal Rack Dispatch

We Care

We believing in contributing back to society and mental well being. With this belief our company continues to contribute to the well being of our employees by organizing a daily  meditation sessions with in our premises. These sessions not only allow our staff to relax but also keep them motivated. The staff motivation further translates into quality of our work. 

Team Rejuvenation
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